Federal Work-Study

Federal work-study funds are available to students who indicate that they are interested in work-study on their FAFSA AND who have federally defined student need. Federally defined student need is determined in part by the FAFSA at the point of awarding.

Work-study funds are government funded and funding-dependent. As such, not every student who applies or who qualifies for work-study will be awarded work-study. Students who are not initially awarded work-study may place themselves on the waitlist by contacting the Financial Aid Office at financialaid@hiwassee.edu.

To receive work-study the student must:

  1. Complete a FAFSA and submit any requested documentation to the Financial Aid Office.
  2. Be awarded work-study (the student will receive an award letter letting them know if they qualify).
  3. Apply for a work-study position (Application is available below, generally at the beginning of July for the upcoming aid year).
  4. Receive an email confirmation from our office that they have been assigned to a work-study position.

Once the student receives this confirmation they must bring the following documentation with them to the financial aid office during the 1st week of class:

  1. Government issued photo ID AND
  2. Social security card

If the documentation listed above is not available please contact the financial aid office for alternative documentation requirements.

Federal Work-Study Application (application closed until 7/1/2016)

Federal Work-Study Positions/Job Descriptions